Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

Nursing Assistants work closely with patients on a daily basis to provide essential care such as checking vital signs, making up patient beds and assisting patients with tasks such as personal grooming. They can also assist doctors and nurses with basic medical procedures.

There is a high demand for nursing assistants job prospects are promising. CNAs are qualified to work in a variety of settings, including – assisted living facilities, home healthcare, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and medical offices. 


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Perform 11 basic physical nursing assistant skills in a safe, comprehensive manner, as identified by the Nebraska Department of Health Rules and Regulations (Title175 NAC).
  2. Utilize problem-solving skills to safely meet basic individual needs of the patient.
  3. Recognize and implement nursing assistant interventions that will help the patient achieve maximal active daily living skills.
  4. Identify and report obvious physical and psychological abnormalities.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the aging process in each body system.
  6. Demonstrate a beginning understanding of the disease process affecting each body system.
  7. Demonstrate effective communication with patient and health care team members.


Certificates of completion are issued at the end of the class if all financial obligations have been met.   Grades are part of the student’s permanent record. The student is responsible for reviewing their grade for accuracy.  A permanent grade change may be changed only in the event of an instructor or institutional error.  Students will receive a certificate of completion after completing the 84-hour CNA course. Practice Unit Exams are given throughout the course to provide students with feedback.  A final written exam will be held at the end of the course, 70% is passing, you can have a total of 3 attempts. 

Students are required to complete each clinical skill required by the State of Nebraska DHHS with 70% score or better and not miss a starred item.  All clinical skills must be completed by the end of the course.  

Students will receive progress reports approximately half way through the course and near the completion of the course. 

Tuition: $500 for tuition and textbooks.

Duration: 84 hours